Our Team's Services

Kythera is a feature-rich AI middleware, with plugins ready to deploy on both Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine.  But at Moon Collider, the company behind Kythera, we offer far more than a one-size-fits-all solution.  We like to develop personal, interactive relationships with our clients, and we work directly with your developers to solve the specific problems that matter to you.

This unique approach is testament to our heritage, as an AI consulting firm working one-on-one with a range of clients around the world.  Seeing that our clients would benefit from a common middleware, we re-focussed and expanded in 2012 to build Kythera.  But we’ve stayed true to our core principles of supporting our clients’ own development efforts, and allowing your needs to drive the future evolution of our product.

Every client is different, but these are some of the ways our AI specialists can work with you.

Game integration – We can perform the integration of Kythera with your codebase, including hooking up your specific features like weapons and movement code. If you use a proprietary game engine, we're open to custom engine integrations too. In the process of integrating with your game, we usually create a simple set of behaviours to your design - giving your own teams a valuable head-start.

Feature development – We will discuss your unique requirements and expand Kythera’s feature set to meet your needs, as fixed-price deliverables with a concrete schedule.

Behavior development – We can work directly with your source and assets to design and build behaviors unique to your game. We know great AI isn’t just about great features – it’s about using them to best effect and crafting engaging agents and fun gameplay. We have an experienced team of AI specialists to do exactly that.

Training – We train AI and game programmers in the use of our tools and advise them on how best to reach their goals, so that they can work directly with designers and the rest of their team in the most effective manner.

Support – As well as providing technical documentation, we offer direct support via email, Skype calls, Slack, on-site visits - whatever works best for your team. We routinely use VPN links and direct source control access. We enjoy working as closely with your own developers as possible.