Wolcen Studio releases Content Patch 2: "Wrath of Sarisel"

Edinburgh, 30 September 2019 - This week we are delighted to announce and celebrate the release of Wolcen Studio’s second content patch (CP2) for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. The new patch, Wrath of Sarisel, features a wide range of expansions to the current game campaign, with a new endgame storyline tied in.


CP2 also features many new developments in the area of gameplay, including 5 new skills with 42 modifiers, promising to add more texture to the game’s already dynamic combat. Meanwhile, further depth of experience has been added with greater customization of characters, a new tier of armor and weapons, new affixes and implicits on items. For a full list of features, see their Steam announcement


For our part, we have been working closely to support the Wolcen team in developing bespoke AI and behaviors for this patch using Kythera. Look out for the unique behaviour and targeting of the monsters of Sarisel, painstakingly configured using our behavior tree model (as opposed to the usual method of fixed parameterized targeting.) This has given the designers a much faster iteration on their ideas – and has led to some even better solutions being planned for future updates.


Our work alongside the Wolcen Studio team has allowed us to develop an improved creative toolset across the board. As a result, Kythera is now more designer-friendly than ever. The new toolset makes it even easier and more intuitive to design varied and interesting AI behavior as you will see in Content Patch 2.  


In our efforts for this patch, we have also improved our navmesh support. We have added the ability to name sections of mesh, allowing multiple named meshes to be active at any time. This makes it possible for designers to facilitate movement by NPCs of different sizes, shapes and abilities across a dynamic landscape in a compelling and varied way. Navmesh generation is now much more efficient and precise – designers can specify how and where the mesh is needed, tailoring it to gameplay areas and specific characters. These improvements in Kythera will give the Wolcen team the tools they need to develop the movement and behavior of their engaging cast of villainous adversaries. 


These are just some specific examples of the bigger things we have been up to with Kythera. We’ve also been busy with general polish and quality-of-life improvements, like better follower movement and tweaks to prevent kiting. 


This is a major landmark both for our friends at Wolcen and for ourselves. This content patch represents only a small preview of the culmination of our long partnership. We think that the features on display in CP2 will whet your appetite for the fast-approaching release of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Don’t worry – we have saved some of our most innovative new features for the main release, and we can’t wait for you to see them! Enjoy CP2, and brace yourselves for what we have in store over the coming months.