Opportunities at Moon Collider

At Moon Collider, the team behind Kythera, we see it as a goal in itself to offer people a step up into the industry, sharing our experience and offering an opportunity to learn - as such specific positions are available for juniors or as internships. We also welcome speculative applications from experienced programmers skilled in games development, high-performance C++ or AI, as we continue to expand our team and new positions can be filled quickly.

Operations Assistant

This position is at shortlist stage, but late applications from experienced candidates may still be considered.

This position is available to capable individuals, regardless of previous experience or qualifications.

Take on the day-to-day tasks of running a tech business, learning directly from and working very closely with the CEO and operating to support him in many non-technical roles. You might be interested in this position as training to run your own business, or you may simply enjoy helping a dynamic organisation to run smoothly and managing all its complexities. You can expect future opportunities to specialise and advance in the management of a growing company.

Your responsibility is gradually take over a wide range of duries from the CEO to allow him greater focus on strategic areas, and to work with diligence and intiative to help the technical team in working in an efficient and low-stress manner. 

You will be highly organised, driven to enable those around you, have good social skills, excellent written English, excellent attention to detail and enjoy intensity in your work. Your trustworthiness and discretion will be beyond reproach. You will be willing to put in an extra hour or two where it will make a difference and to be flexible, but excessive hours overall are not required.

This is not a technical or design role and not a good position for would-be games developers, but if you are passionate about games or games development then you will enjoy enabling that team and being immersed in their work.

Specific responsibilities after 6 months are expected to include:

  • Project administration - managing signoff with clients on work orders, forming and sending invoices
  • Legal - smaller changes to contracts with oversight, review and comparison of versions, assistance with signing and execution
  • Project management - resource planning tracking of technical progress, bug trackers, spreadsheets, team coordination
  • General administration - reviewing post, booking travel, helping with bill payments, purchasing office items, occasional phone answering
  • Financial - cost tracking and planning with oversight, working with bookkeepers
  • HR - organising team events, vacation tracking, early review of job applications, not people management
  • Client relationship management - organising and attending technical meetings with clients, keeping notes, tracking action items, helping to represent client interests and ensure they remain satisfied
  • PA - assist CEO in business and personal tasks wherever you can save him time, organising calls, meetings, appointments, travel
  • Process development - help to codify, document and develop business and technical processes

Most of these tasks you will learn from the CEO from scratch, assisting with or taking over existing processes and developing them.
You many have previous experience in business, games development or production, but none is required. You may have relevant qualifications, but none are required. Excellent English comprehension is essential and good IT skills, in particular previous experience working with spreadsheets, will be an advantage.

Hours: Either full time, or equivalent to 4 days per week. 
Location: Codebase, central Edinburgh. Flexible remote work may be possible later.
Salary: DoE.
Start date: immediate or by February 1st. (First listed 25/11/2018)

Trial periods as well as 3 or 6 month probation are likely to be required.

How to apply

If you would like to be considered we need you to send us:

  1. A brief explanation of why you are interested in the role
  2. Your CV and current address
  3. Your availability
  4. Confirmation that you have existing rights to work in the UK
  5. A brief description of why you think you would be well suited to the role, illustrating for just a few of the points listed above, and noting a few areas you feel would be more difficult
  6. Supporting material (as below)
  7. Where you heard about this post

The supporting material can take whatever form you think best demonstrates your potential and does not need to directly address this role. It could be previous professional work, a hobby project, an educational assignment or a toy example. It could be text, a video, a spreadsheet. You need only include one or two short examples as initial review will be very brief.

Send us this all together in an email to jobs@kythera.ai, mentioning "Operations" in the subject line.



AI Developer internships

Our next internship position may begin in February 2019. Speculative applications are welcome.

We are continuing our successful programme of 3-month paid internships for junior developers. The role combines introductory-level practical work on Kythera and our licensee projects, with time and guidance in learning the core skills and tools of a games AI programmer.

Your work would initially focus on testing and debugging one of our client games, moving quickly on to working with visual programming languages for games AI design, as well as adding small features and iterating on behaviours. The core work is primarily in C++, while our design and debugging toolset is a full-stack web application which you might also work on.

Support and training will be supplied but we are looking for a focussed, self starter who would be happy to work with as part of a team in solving practical issues for our clients.

Tasks for the role include:

  • Testing and debugging game AI in our licensee titles
  • Behaviour development for partner titles
  • Unit, functional and performance testing
  • Core Kythera feature development
  • Engine tools integration
  • Partner game support
  • Time for you to learn tools and techniques, with guidance

Our stack and tools includes:

  • C++ (including advanced areas such as multithreading, custom memory allocation, templating and low-level optimisation)
  • Javascript (React, Flux)
  • Specialist graphical programming languages
  • Python
  • Lua
  • Git
  • Perforce


  • Show us that you can already program at a basic level and that you've put significant time and effort into developing your skills
  • You must be willing to work in a team and to always show professionalism in your work
  • No commercial experience as a programmer is required

During the internship program we hope to offer some permanent positions, but these are limited and this shouldn't be your expectation. You can expect that we will use our knowledge of the industry to help you find a permanent role, and give advice on what roles might suit you and how to continue improving your skills.

How to apply

If you would like to be considered we need you to send us:

  1. A brief explanation of why you are interested in the role
  2. Your CV
  3. Your availability
  4. Confirmation that you have existing rights to work in the UK
  5. A very rough estimate of how many hours you've spent programming, and over what periods
  6. An example of your programming ability (as below)

The example can be in any language, showing any results. It can be a hobby project or something you've contributed to open source. It must show initiative and creativity. And it must include:

  • Relevant source code (compilable is not essential)
  • Videos, screenshots or sample output files so we can immediately see results
  • An executable if possible
  • A brief description of what it is, why you did it, which parts you are responsible for (especially if a group project) and what we should pay attention to

Send us the material all together in an email to jobs@kythera.ai

We will get back to you within 2 weeks to explain next steps or to give you brief feedback on your application.