Opportunities at Moon Collider

At Moon Collider we see it as a goal in itself to offer people a step up into the industry, sharing our experience and knowledge and giving them the opportunity to learn. We are offering a series of 3-month internships, a summer internship, and we'd also like to talk to potential team leads.

3 month internships

Applications are currently closed but will re-open in July for a start in September or October.

Starting April 2017 we are offering a series of 3-month paid internships as junior developers. They combine introductory-level practical work on Kythera and our projects with time and guidance in learning the core skills and tools of a games AI programmer.

The role includes:

  • Advancement of automated test and build features for Kythera in Python and C++
  • Testing features in our client's games
  • Helping a senior developer to debug, fix, document and maintain features in C++
  • Time and guidance for you to learn tools and techniques


  • Show us that you can already program at a basic level and that you've put significant time and effort into developing your skills
  • You must be willing to work in a team and to always show professionalism in your work
  • No commercial experience as a programmer is required

During the internship program we hope to offer some permanent positions, but these are limited and this shouldn't be your expectation. You can expect that we will use our knowledge of the industry to help you find a permanent role, and give advice on what roles might suit you and how to continue improving your skills.

Subsequent internships are planned to begin in July, October and then January next year.

Please apply as below.

Summer graduate internship

Applications are now closed for 2017.

This summer we are offering a special internship position for graduates, with a number of projects being considered.


  • Excellent skills in Python or a similar language
  • Machine learning experience an advantage
  • Unity engine skills an advantage

Send us your application materials as below for more information.

How to apply

If you would like to be considered for a role at Moon Collider we need you to send us four things:

  1. A brief explanation of which role you are interested in, when, and why
  2. Your CV
  3. A very rough estimate of how many hours you've spent programming, and over what periods
  4. An example of your programming ability (as below)

The example can be in any language, showing any results. It can be a hobby project or something you've contributed to open source. It must show initiative and creativity. And it must include:

  • Relevant source code (compilable is not essential)
  • Videos, screenshots or sample output files so we can immediately see results
  • An executable if possible
  • A brief description of what it is, why you did it, which parts you are responsible for (especially if a group project) and what we should pay attention to

Send us the material all together in an email to jobs@kythera.ai

We will get back to you within 2 weeks to explain next steps or to give you brief feedback on your application.