Working at Moon Collider

Moon Collider is an energetic, ambitious company, focused on developing an exciting new product and becoming the leaders in the field of AI. We think that game designers are held back by the tools available to them – and that it should be possible to realise their ideas in hours, rather than months or years. What’s more, once designers have the best tools, we believe whole new experiences will become possible for players.

Star CitizenFounded in 2010, we have our roots in AAA games development experience – and we’ve been sure to apply that mindset to our ground-breaking AI middleware, Kythera. Our flagship product emerged from the consulting and contracting which formed the bulk of our business until 2012, when we realised that we wanted to aim higher than any one project could allow. Kythera has been based on partnership and practical application from the very start, and you can see some of our results in our case studies.

Day-to-day, we work as a core AI technology group might work within a major publisher, serving multiple teams on different projects with a common AI codebase. We work on FPS, spaceship combat, hack’n’slash and ambient character behaviours, with both industry leaders like Star Citizen and small indie teams. However, since we are an independent company, we are able to choose our partners and to place their requirements within our own roadmap, building towards a better product and truly innovative AI.

UmbraAt Moon Collider, our philosophy is that it’s not just about getting fast results, it’s about doing it right. A well-designed middleware should always provide a solid foundation for a client’s latest requirement, but that can only happen if we approach each enhancement with thought and foresight. While there's always a place for quick fixes, taking the time to build more powerful, robust and extensible code isn't just an ideal for us, it's good business.

We offer realistic schedules and delivery dates – always taking the time to plan and estimate our work. While we leave room for rapid iteration, we have a detailed schedule to work within, allowing us to make and keep our promises to our clients and to ourselves.

As part of a small, friendly team, we’ll expect you to be highly independent and to constantly take the initiative – and if you’re experienced, you’ll be managing yourself. The work is highly varied, and offers plenty of opportunities to help decide the future direction of our products and our company. We believe in transparency and rely on our whole team’s input to shape our rapidly growing business.

We are not a games company and we are not your best start in the games business. But we are the best way to work closely with games companies, while delivering more innovation than you ever could within the constraints of a typical release cycle. We’re taking AI in games to a new level, and you’ll know that it’s your work making it all possible.

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