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We're the AI behind Star Citizen

Kythera's artificial intelligence powers Star Citizen – the record-breaking, headline-making space sim from Wing Commander legend Chris Roberts.

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We have powerful tools for studios of any scale

For AAA studios and indie developers alike, Kythera's time-saving AI technologies are dedicated to helping designers realize their most ambitious visions.

We're the new, dynamic AI middleware

Introducing Kythera, the revolutionary new artificial intelligence for the next generation of games. A responsive AI fit for an ever-changing world.

Kythera's advanced AI middleware delivers dynamic new experiences for players and designers alike. By constantly assessing the in-game world, Kythera offers powerful intelligence at vastly reduced development cost. Meet Kythera today.

Time-saving dynamic navigation

See the navigation mesh take shape as you build a world in your editor. Then watch as it responds to your players' actions – with absolutely no scripting required.

Flexible real-time debugging

Pause the game to analyze the innner workings of your AI. Test theories, tweak parameters or even change code – then see the effects unfold in real-time.

Advanced behavior architecture

Build trees of blackboards and change behaviours while they're running. Enjoy the flexibility you'd expect from a scripting language – but with the power of C++.

Explore our detailed case studies

Find out how three very different games are already breaking new ground with our transformatory dynamic middleware.

Star Citizen
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Kythera - Dynamic AI Middleware

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