Case Study: Star Citizen

1. Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a record-breaking, headline-making immersive space sim, set in the far future amidst a sprawling galactic empire. Brainchild of Wing Commander legend Chris Roberts, Star Citizen features an open-world, multi-player persistent universe alongside a challenging single-player space combat campaign. As Roberts explained when he unveiled his vision, it’s the all-encompassing game he’d wanted to build two decades ago... but the tools he needed simply didn’t exist until now.

With its celebrated pedigree reflected in a hugely successful round of crowd-funding, expectations for Star Citizen are rightly high. To deliver against their own exacting standards, Roberts’ team required a ground-breaking AI middleware: one which is flexible and computationally efficient, yet intuitive for programmers and designers alike. In the spring of 2013, they turned to Kythera.

In this case study:

The development view: You’ll feel the guiding hand of Kythera’s AI throughout Star Citizen’s universe, in both the single-player and persistent-universe versions of the game. Based in Manchester in England, Foundry 42 is the studio at the vanguard of Star Citizen’s single-player campaign – and on this page, you can hear designers and developers at Foundry 42 discuss their personal experiences with Kythera. Read more...

Focus on dogfighting: With its promise of fast-paced life-and-death battle in open space, dogfighting is by far the most eagerly-awaited of Star Citizen’s gameplay modules. And of course, such a high-profile feature calls for high-quality AI. In this set of videos, we take a look under the covers, and see how Kythera is delivering the flexibility and efficiency Star Citizen’s ambition demands. Read more...

Still to come: Though Star Citizen’s early focus has been on dogfighting, battles in space are just one aspect of its immersive gameplay. Alongside its military campaigns, Chris Roberts’ team promise an open-world, massively multi-player science fiction universe which empowers players to choose their own route to fortune in the United Empire of Earth. In these videos, we’ll see what’s still to come in Star Citizen – and learn how a partnership with Kythera delivers benefits for both sides. Read more...

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