Kythera for CryEngine

With full source code, multi-platform access, commercialization and development into VR – as well as access to learning resources, an open marketplace, and paid support – CryEngine is a great option for game developers regardless of team size and budget.

Kythera is fully integrated with CryEngine and has helped develop several titles through full SDK integrations, including Star Citizen, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem and Miscreated. Developing these games further helped develop Kythera itself – and evidences Kythera’s flagship features on CryEngine and beyond.

Star Citizen’s focus on fast-paced dogfighting and expansive space exploration required an AI which could quickly calculate flight paths and object avoidance in a dynamic 3D space. Because of its efficiency and versatility, Kythera AI was integral to the launch of Star Citizen’s Arena Commander alpha.

From its start as France’s most successful games Kickstarter to the launch and completion of its technical beta’s Phase 2, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem needed an AI which could meet its fierce ambition of creating a visceral and reactive open-world RPG with classic hack-and-slash gameplay. Kythera’s dynamic navigation and ability to generate and process detailed, mutable environments was instrumental. Through instant local navmesh generation, free from the constraints of canned scripting, Kythera helped Wolcen deliver a truly interactive world. More information is available in our Wolcen case study.

Entrada Interactive’s early-access survival game Miscreated immerses players in a stark, post-apocalyptic environment full of frightening monsters – which means they needed an AI which could produce excellent environments and enemies alike. By reducing navmesh generation time, Kythera helped Entrada achieve its goals and expand on them with intercommunicating ‘wolf pack’ AI and a massive, 64 square kilometer world. Entrada revealed its new Dynamic World System in its 1.0 launch in late 2018 and has since been named CryEngine’s Indie Game of 2018.

The Kythera team is proud of how our work on these titles has helped deliver thrilling game experiences, and how it’s helped to grow our AI’s abilities. If you’re interested in using Kythera in your own project, or if you wish to stay up to date with all our new developments, we want to hear from you.