Kythera for Lumberyard


Kythera’s Amazon-licenced Gem integration for Lumberyard brings our expansive AI features to the platform alongside an array of intuitive debugging tools.

With Twitch and AWS integration – and no seat fees or royalties – Amazon Lumberyard is a compelling choice for developers who want to seamlessly build high-performing games that engage closely with fans.

Currently the only complete AI Gem for Lumberyard, we have taken on a number of major licensees since its launch.

Starting with the very first Lumberyard release, Slingshot Cartel's The DRG Initiative, Kythera is becoming established as the leading AI solution for the emerging platform.

We have recently announced a partnership with Carbonated Games on their upcoming squad-based real time strategy game, showcasing at GDC 2019. Players command small teams of semi-autonomous characters, who find ways to co-operate based on their individual skils and personalities – placing new demands on AI as a core mechanic.

We’re also involved in some exciting new titles in development by some globally-respected industry names, and expect to be able to go public with news of some of these shortly.

Our product has a strong track record of delivering great results to strict timescales on a predefined budget. We work with a wide variety of teams around the world on tight, iterative development cycles.

If you're interested in using Kythera in your own project, or if you wish to stay up to date with all our new developments, we want to hear from you.


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