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Monday 4 February, 2019
Wolcen Studios’ Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, a fantasy hack-and-slash game using Kythera AI, was opened to a technical beta playtest in November and December of 2018. Fans had a new opportunity to try out the latest version of the game on Steam: Early Access, providing valuable data and new ideas for the developers as as they move closer to launch. By developing in partnership, Wolcen and Moon Collider have been able to feed back to each other, with Wolcen implementing Kythera’s AI to improve their gameplay, and Moon Collider taking on board Wolcen’s requirements and feedback... + continue reading
Thursday 9 February, 2017
The first game built using Amazon’s Lumberyard engine has been released to early access – and its AI is powered by Kythera. The DRG Initiative, developed by Slingshot Cartel in association with Third Kind Games, is a team-based third-person shooter which sees players take part in televised bloodsports in a violent future. Lumberyard’s integration with Amazon Web Services and Twitch streaming makes it an ideal platform for this game, in which broadcasting and audience feedback are a part of gameplay. As well as the player characters - criminal gangs sentenced to fight in the arena, and... + continue reading
Thursday 14 July, 2016
Austin, TX – July 14, 2016 – Descendent Studios, developer of Descent: Underground released a significant artificial intelligence (AI) update for its reboot of the classic 1990s FPS, Descent. This patch features Moon Collider’s advanced Kythera AI system, cooperative play against “bot” opponents, new ship types, and additional gameplay enhancements. Moon Collider’s Kythera AI is renowned in the gaming industry for powering some of the most challenging AI opponents in games with unique gameplay requirements. In... + continue reading
Thursday 10 March, 2016
EDINBURGH, 10 MARCH 2016 – Moon Collider, the artificial-intelligence developer already known for its CryEngine licensees, today announced its first partnership built on Unreal Engine 4. Working with publisher Nordic Games and developer Digital Arrow, Moon Collider’s Kythera AI middleware will pilot submarines through a perilous undersea landscape in the partly crowd-funded title Aquanox: Deep Descent. Moon Collider’s CEO and lead architect, Matthew Jack, said the new announcement highlighted the benefits of AI middleware. “We’re best known for our work on space... + continue reading
Monday 29 February, 2016
EDINBURGH, 29 FEBRUARY 2016 - AI developers Moon Collider, makers of the Kythera next-generation artificial intelligence middleware, today announced a new partnership with indie studio Entrada Interactive. Already in Early Access, Entrada’s online, open-world sandbox game Miscreated puts a creative twist on the popular zombie-survival genre, setting the action in a vast post-apocalyptic world which players and AI-controlled mutants and animals are all free to explore. With gameplay taking place across a 64 km² map, free of artificial boundaries or segmentation, performance was a... + continue reading
Tuesday 21 July, 2015
VIENNA, AUSTRIA, 21 JULY 2015 – As delegates gather for, the world’s largest conference for creative AI, Moon Collider – the UK-based artificial intelligence company best-known for its role in Star Citizen – today announced a new partnership with New York-based innovative gaming platform company Shinra Technologies, Inc. (henceforth “Shinra Technologies.”) Powering one of the games in the Shinra Technologies Prototype Accelerator programme, the tie-up has driven the first cloud support in Moon Collider’s Kythera AI – opening exciting new prospects for massive scalability, and at last... + continue reading
Monday 15 June, 2015
EDINBURGH, UK, 15 JUNE 2015 – Kythera, the cutting-edge AI middleware from Moon Collider, is celebrating its role in another crowdfunding success story today.  Last night, indie hack-and-slash fantasy game Umbra closed its Kickstarter campaign with over $400K in the pot – smashing through its $225K target thanks to the support of over 11,000 individual backers.  It's the second time Moon Collider has played a part in a successful crowdfunder, with the record-breaking Star Citizen also featuring the Kythera AI. Set in a corrupted, decaying world filled with monsters... + continue reading
Wednesday 4 March, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO, 4 March 2015 – Delegates at this week’s GDC ’15 will be the first to experience a cutting-edge innovation in AI design, thanks to hack-and-slash fantasy game Umbra and the Kythera AI middleware. With a playable demo of Umbra available at the CryENGINE stand, it’s the first time Kythera’s ground-breaking dynamic navigation system has been seen in public. Until recently, determining where AI-controlled characters could walk was a complex and time-consuming process. Something as simple as opening a gate would be a full-blown programming task – requiring manual scripting to... + continue reading
Friday 21 November, 2014
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, 21 November 2014 – Moon Collider, the Edinburgh-based artificial intelligence company, today revealed plans for a further major expansion in the city. The move, which will see Moon Collider double in size in less than a year, comes on the back of a successful partnership with Los Angeles producer Cloud Imperium Games - whose upcoming Star Citizen product has already broken all records with a sixty-million-dollar crowdfunding campaign. Moon Collider is best known for Kythera, an innovative collection of artificial intelligence tools designed for the next... + continue reading
Friday 12 September, 2014
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, 12 September 2014 – Kythera, the ground-breaking artificial intelligence middleware from Moon Collider Ltd, passed another milestone this week, as Star Citizen’s Arena Commander unveiled a cooperative multi-player variant of its Vanduul Swarm game mode. Although hundreds of thousands of Vanduul Swarm players have already experienced Kythera on their own PCs, the new release marks the first time that the Edinburgh company’s software has been deployed on the server side. Star Citizen, the record-breaking space simulator from legendary game-maker Chris Roberts, is... + continue reading