First public playtest of Kythera AI in Star Citizen at PAX East

Kythera’s AI was on show at PAX East as part of the Star Citizen's first public space flight playtest. Attendees could try dogfighting for the first time, playing against AI powered by Kythera.

When Star Citizen’s eagerly anticipated dogfighting module is made available to backers, it will feature Kythera AI flying the alien Scythe ships in the single player Vanduul Swarm game mode. Players will be able to fight against waves of increasingly difficult AI opponents, competing for high scores and bragging rights.

The video above, taken from the PAX East demo, demonstrates a player fighting against some low difficulty AI opponents. All elements of this demo, from the AI behaviors to the player controls and HUD, are a work in progress ahead of Star Citizen's initial dogfighting module release, and the updates that will follow.

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