Kythera helps 250,000 Star Citizens take to the skies

On Wednesday, Cloud Imperium Games released the first gameplay preview for Star Citizen, their eagerly-anticipated space-based combat and trading sim. Available now to more than 250,000 Star Citizen backers, Arena Commander v0.8 features the Vanduul Swarm single-player mode – powered by Moon Collider’s groundbreaking AI middleware platform, Kythera.

Vanduul Swarm sees the player team up with two AI-controlled friendly starcraft, to fight wave after wave of opponents in a battle which spans asteroid fields, dying stars and terraforming orbital lasers.

As well as helping computer-controlled craft navigate these challenging environments, Cloud Imperium’s designers worked with Kythera to deliver fun gameplay and an escalating level of difficulty. With Vanduul Swarm, all players can get a satisfying taste of Star Citizen’s flight and combat, while advanced players will enjoy the challenge posed by later waves of enemies.

“We’re excited to see Kythera driving gameplay for hundreds of thousands of gamers,” said Matthew Jack, Moon Collider’s CEO & Lead Architect. “Arena Commander v0.8 is an early version of a small part of Star Citizen, but it already represents a rich set of AI challenges – and demonstrates why Cloud Imperium selected Kythera, a truly next-generation AI middleware.”

The Arena Commander v0.8 preview is available exclusively to backers of Star Citizen’s record-breaking crowd-funder at