Kythera puts AI in the cloud, unveils partnership with Shinra Technologies, Inc.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, 21 JULY 2015 – As delegates gather for, the world’s largest conference for creative AI, Moon Collider – the UK-based artificial intelligence company best-known for its role in Star Citizen – today announced a new partnership with New York-based innovative gaming platform company Shinra Technologies, Inc. (henceforth “Shinra Technologies.”) Powering one of the games in the Shinra Technologies Prototype Accelerator programme, the tie-up has driven the first cloud support in Moon Collider’s Kythera AI – opening exciting new prospects for massive scalability, and at last enabling designers to build fully-populated, fully-simulated worlds.

Speaking from, Kythera’s lead architect, Matthew Jack, explained why cloud-based platforms are a breakthrough development for games AI. “In a typical PC or console title, AI is allowed a very small slice of the hardware’s already-limited processing time,” he said. “Once you’ve put AI in the cloud, you’re free from that fundamental constraint. Together with Shinra Technologies, we’re even looking at dedicating whole servers to AI – making complex calculations once, yet letting hundreds of players see the results.”

In contrast to legacy systems, which typically perform most functions within a single hardware thread, Kythera was designed from the ground up for scalability and parallelization. That scalable technology is a natural match for Shinra Technologies' vision, which aims to bring supercomputer-level power to home gaming. With gameplay calculations performed in the cloud and results streamed back as video, the architecture offers intriguing possibilities for resource sharing in massively-scaled worlds.

“While high-end graphics cards are capable of rendering hundreds or thousands of characters and creatures, conventional games can only handle AI for a handful of those in any detail,” commented Jack. “But now, in the cloud, Kythera can simulate thousands of agents – building a fully-realised universe, and delivering a deeper, richer, more immersive experience for players. We’re excited to see how far we can push Kythera’s architecture on Shinra Technologies' platform, and to define a new set of expectations for games AI.”

Unveiled to the public in 2013, Kythera’s middleware aims to realise previously-unattainable visions for AI, by providing powerful AI components, a flexible architecture and continual development of new features driven by the needs of each game. Key features include a sophisticated behavior tree architecture, responsive and highly-automated navigation, and powerful debugging tools.

“It has been a pleasure working with Moon Collider,” says Shinra Technologies Senior Vice President Tetsuji Iwasaki. “Thanks to Kythera AI we have seen impressive scaling results on our supercomputer technology. Moon Collider offers a powerful toolset and are a great partner as we explore new frontiers for AI in cloud gaming.”

Notes for editors

Moon Collider is an established artificial intelligence development company headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. Its groundbreaking AI middleware platform, Kythera, aims to shorten development cycles and unlock new styles of gameplay by responding dynamically to changes to the in-game world. The company is funded by private investment and is privately held. For more information on Moon Collider and Kythera, see

Shinra Technologies, Inc. is a New York-based cloud gaming company that uses its patented remote rendering technology to enable the creation of bold, new gaming experiences that are not possible on any other platform. Shinra is shepherding the development of cloud games with top-tier partners, curating the best content and distributing these and other games on its platform.

Kythera is a registered trademark of Moon Collider Ltd.