Kythera demonstrates navigation across a huge world in Miscreated, the online survival sandbox

EDINBURGH, 29 FEBRUARY 2016 - AI developers Moon Collider, makers of the Kythera next-generation artificial intelligence middleware, today announced a new partnership with indie studio Entrada Interactive. Already in Early Access, Entrada’s online, open-world sandbox game Miscreated puts a creative twist on the popular zombie-survival genre, setting the action in a vast post-apocalyptic world which players and AI-controlled mutants and animals are all free to explore.

With gameplay taking place across a 64 km² map, free of artificial boundaries or segmentation, performance was a key concern for Miscreated. “Since we started using Kythera, we’ve brought generation time down to 10 minutes for a navigation mesh across the whole area. That means we can let our NPCs out from their currently limited areas”, said Terry Evans, CEO of Entrada Interactive. “The excellent runtime performance means we can also have many more mutants active. The result is we can fully populate our world and create a far richer experience for our players.” Kythera’s ground-breaking dynamic navigation also helps with immersive world-building, allowing AI to respond to player actions - such as destruction of environments and even base-building - fully automatically, and with absolutely no pre-canned scripting.

“Miscreated is an exciting project for us, because we enjoy working on an epic scale,” said Matthew Jack, Moon Collider’s CEO and Lead Architect. “Entrada have created a beautiful sandbox world and built an enthusiastic player base, and through our Kythera middleware, we now hope to deliver intriguing new experiences to their customers. With Kythera’s focus on spontaneous, unscripted behaviours, we hope to deliver those ‘wow’ moments that players will be talking about for a long time to come.”

“The transition to Kythera was seamless”, said Evans. “Moon Collider took on the integration and migrated our existing behaviours, minimising disruption to our development team.” With the initial work complete, thoughts are now turning to the next stage in Miscreated’s AI; slated future developments include more types of wild animals, more varied and smarter mutants, and possible bandit groups, with team and leader dynamics presenting new challenges to players.

Built on CryEngine, Miscreated is currently available in Early Access on Steam. Alongside CryEngine, Kythera’s next-generation AI middleware is also available for Unreal Engine 4.

Notes for editors

Moon Collider is an established artificial intelligence development company headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. Its groundbreaking AI middleware platform, Kythera, aims to shorten development cycles and unlock new styles of gameplay. The company is funded by private investment and is privately held. For more information on Moon Collider and Kythera, see

Entrada Interactive LLC is an indie game development company based in Highland, Utah USA. In 2013 Entrada Interactive announced their first game, Miscreated, which is being developed using the AAA game engine CryEngine by Crytek GmbH. Entrada Interactive is a privately held company. For more information please visit

Kythera is a registered trademark of Moon Collider Ltd.