First game built with Amazon Lumberyard uses Kythera AI

The first game built using Amazon’s Lumberyard engine has been released as a playable network test build on Steam early access – and its AI is powered by Kythera’s Lumberyard Gem integration.
The DRG Initiative, developed by Slingshot Cartel in association with Third Kind Games, is a team-based third-person shooter which sees players take part in televised bloodsports in a violent future. Lumberyard’s integration with Amazon Web Services and Twitch streaming makes it an ideal platform for this game, in which broadcasting and audience feedback are a part of gameplay.
Working closely with Slingshot Cartel’s developers, Moon Collider extended our groundbreaking AI middleware, Kythera, to better support Amazon’s new engine, making Kythera’s core features available to Lumberyard developers as well as the already supported CryEngine and Unreal Engine 4. The DRG Initiative particularly relies on Kythera’s dynamic navigation mesh, behavior trees and perception system.
In this release, players can take the part of criminal gangs sentenced to fight in the arena, and the Enforcers sent to punish them. They also face “the Addicted”, hordes of infected humans, running on Kythera AI.
"It was clear that Kythera was the right choice for our AI, so we were delighted that Moon Collider have made their toolset available for Lumberyard," said Dave Osbourn of Slingshot Cartel. “The Gem integration and powerful tools made it simple for us to bring the Addicted to life.”