Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem runs technical beta

Wolcen Studios’ Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, a fantasy hack-and-slash game using Kythera AI, was opened to a technical beta playtest in November and December of 2018. Fans had a new opportunity to try out the latest version of the game on Steam: Early Access, providing valuable data and new ideas for the developers as as they move closer to launch.

By developing in partnership, Wolcen and Moon Collider have been able to feed back to each other, with Wolcen implementing Kythera’s AI to improve their gameplay, and Moon Collider taking on board Wolcen’s requirements and feedback to expand and improve our AI toolset. This cycle has led to refinements in our dynamic navmesh generation system, improvements to group behavior allowing swarms of monsters to move in fluid formations, and performance optimizations to keep frame costs down while running large numbers of AI entities.

In Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, our AI tools are not only being used for monsters and NPCs. The player character’s movement is controlled through Kythera, pathfinding through crowds and around obstacles while maintaining total player agency. Loot spawn points are determined using our navmesh query tools.

Following the playtest, in an across-the-board update to its player base, Wolcen reports: “Wolcen Studio now counts 33 employees at the office, and more will be joining us in the next months to reinforce the crew. Our programming and game design teams are focused on the Gameplay Beta transition and the revamps needed to finalize the gameplay.”