CryEngine Indie Game of the Year powered by Kythera

Entrada Interactive's Miscreated, which uses Kythera AI, has been crowned CryEngine’s Indie Game of 2018.


The multiplayer survival game pits players against mutants, wild animals, and each other in a hostile post-nuclear landscape spanning an enormous open world.


Kythera's formidable set of AI features was improved and expanded in co-operation with Entrada's team, with developments to group behavior, such as packs of wolves that track and circle the player, calculating their confidence to attack or flee. Dynamic navigation meshes are continually updated in response to world changes, from doors opening or vehicles moving, to players building their own complex bases.


In December, Miscreated moved into its beta release. It has now been voted CryEngine Indie Game of 2018 by the CryEngine community.

"Using Kythera's toolkit, the Miscreated team were able to create an interesting and challenging variety of enemy behavior and other AI features," said Entrada Interactive’s CEO Terry Evans. "As an indie company we have limited resources, so we were glad that Moon Collider could help with custom integration and behavior building. Being voted Indie Game of the Year, it's great to know our players are really enjoying the results."

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