Carbonated to showcase Kythera-powered mobile game at GDC

Carbonated Games have revealed a new game in development, which they have been invited to showcase at the entrance to Amazon's Game Tech booth at this year’s GDC. It’s a squad based real-time strategy game set in an all-too-relatable “dystopian present”, in which players command small teams of people with unique skills and personalities.

In partnership with the RV-driving people at Carbonated and other licensees, we’re continuing to develop Kythera AI as a Gem for the Amazon Lumberyard engine. For the first time, we’ve brought our toolset to the realm of mobile gaming, and developed cutting-edge new features such as automatic cover generation – freeing up Carbonated’s developers to focus on making great gameplay.

Lloyd TulluesLloyd Tullues

“Building AI is a daunting task for any size team, but with Kythera we have practically all the tools and systems necessary to breathe life into our characters from the get-go. We are now blessed with near daily fits of rather excited giggles as our team iterates on levels and character behaviors,” their – admittedly rather excitable – CTO Lloyd Tullues told us from their LA studio.

We're particularly excited to be working on this project because it's doing completely new things with AI. Team members don't simply follow orders, but behave semi-autonomously, showing their own personality and finding ways to work together depending on their individual abilities and characteristics. It's an innovative concept that is reflective of the Carbonated team, and it's rare for AI to be so central to a game's design.

Carbonated is the latest in our growing number of licensees using Amazon’s Lumberyard engine. We’re proud to be establishing Kythera as the leading AI toolset for this new platform.

Matthew JackMatthew Jack

If you’re at GDC this year, our – very sensible – CEO Matthew Jack will be in the vicinity of the Carbonated table at the front of the Amazon booth, where you'll be able to see the game demonstrated.

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