The Team Behind Kythera


Matthew Jack

CEO and Lead Architect - business development, architecture, design

Matthew originally founded Moon Collider as a consultancy firm. Working with clients such as Xaviant, Crytek and, Matthew has an international understanding of the tech industry working world wide from San Francisco to Vienna . He has written for Games Programming Gems and Game AI Pro, and presented at Google, Develop, the Game/AI Conference and twice at GDC.

In 2012, Matthew had the moment of realization that – instead of developing the same solutions for client after client – the time was right for a brand-new AI middleware. Under his leadership, Moon Collider re-focused away from pure consultancy and began to develop Kythera.

Matthew travels often for work and pleasure. Among his technical interests, he's co-founder of the Runtime Compiled C++ Project; he's also a dedicated runner, cat-keeper and occasional OTT cook. As a gamer, he's most excited by indies with original ideas.

2 GDC talks, 2 other conference talks, 3 book articles

BA Computer Science (Cantab), MBA in progress

James Hancox

Senior AI Developer - optimization, feature development, behavior development

James has help a lifelong passion for video games since playing Monkey Island on his Dad's PC growing up in Wigan. After eight years’ experience in medical software, he decided to follow his passion for games professionally.
With a background in writing high-performance C++ for CPU and GPU, James is an excellent programmer with an instinctive grasp for design and a unique creative approach to problem solving.

BSc Computational Physics

Michael Snaddon

AI Developer - behavior development, game integration

Michael’s first experience of the excitement attached to a well designed video game came from the cartridge classic Banjo-Kazooie on the N64, an affinity that spurred a keen interest in inventive and interesting gameplay mechanics. This in turn inspired his desire to pursue unique game design, a desire that continues to inform his work on Kythera.

After working in various industries Michael studied as part of the CodeClan project and joined us as a junior in April 2017, quickly becoming a fundamental part of the Moon Collider team. For the last year he has taken a leading role in the Wolcen and Miscreated projects

BSc Physics, CodeClan graduate (coding bootcamp)

Chris Brown

Senior AI Developer - tools, console and mobile platforms, game integration

Chris developed a lifelong obsession with video games growing up on gaming classics on the NES, SNES and N64. He rates Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as his all-time favourite games. He wrote his first computer program in BASIC on a ZX Spectrum at a young age and has continued ever since.

Previously TD for a mobile games company, Chris has worked on a dozen titles and most major platforms across nearly 20 years of games development experience.  His key areas of interest and experience include AI, gameplay and networked gameplay, and he has developed titles on both Unreal and Unity game engines.

BSc Computer Science

Sandy MacPherson

Senior AI Systems Programmer - optimisation, tools, feature development

Sandy is a family man with a dedication to the educational application of games. With his company Fun Atomic, he has been creating educational games for children and researchers across the US since mid 2015. He first became interested in game development at university where he created a game and engine from scratch with a collaborator. This interest has persisted due to his belief that game development is the one of the most challenging fields of programming.

Sandy has 10 years' experience in games programming including nearly three years of tools and console development as a senior programmer at Crytek. Sandy is an excellent programmer, skilled in low-level optimisation and data structures, and experienced in lead roles as well as in software development for other industries.

BSc Computer Science

Robin Johnson

AI Developer - technical designer, tools development, documentation

Robin is a creative all-rounder: an excellent writer, sell-out playwright, and multi-instrumentalist, as well as an experienced web-stack and mobile developer and award-winning creator of interactive fiction games. His favorite game of all time is NetHack.

Robin has proven himself in multiple contexts and sectors, with successful tenures at Glastonbridge, LearnPro and the European Energy Centre. Our newest developer, he specialises in the application and development of our designer-facing tools and keeps a close eye on the drafting and publication of documentation.

BSc Physics with Space Science and Technology

Joy Thurston

Operations Assistant

Joy grew up a Nintendo kid. Her first console was a SNES where she devoured Super Mario World, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. This love was continued onto the N64 with Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and, of course any and every Legend of Zelda title she could get. In more recent years Joy has invested too many hours into various RPGs including FFX, Diablo and all three Fable titles.

Experienced in community management and event organisation with her collective Bam Jam, Joy is a seasoned writer and performer with her name attached to productions across the country from the Edinburgh Fringe to Secret Garden Party as well as a published book of poetry. She has recently joined the team to assist with administration, client relationship management and to help ensure the developers work and communicate as efficiently as possible.

MA English Literature