The Team Behind Kythera

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Moon Collider's team draws together a breadth of experience from the games industry and beyond.


Matthew Jack

CEO and Lead Architect

Matthew Jack

Matthew founded Moon Collider in early 2010 and has been developing game AI since 2005. This began with 4 years at Crytek, in a leading role in the development of their AI system and work on Crysis and Crysis 2. Originally a consultancy firm, Moon Collider's early clients included Xaviant, Crytek and, and Matthew helped deliver products to brands such as BMW and Sky. He has written for Games Programming Gems and Game AI Pro, and presented at Google, Develop, the Game/AI Conference and twice at GDC. Recognising the need for a much wider solution to game AI, Matthew has been focussed on Kythera since 2012. He has loved C++ coding since age 10, but now spends more time supporting our fantastic team.

BA Computer Science (Cantab).

James Hancox

Senior AI Developer - optimisation, feature development, behavior development

7 years experience writing high-performance C++ for CPU and GPU with a background in medical visualisation at Toshiba and Canon. Excellent programmer with an instinctive grasp for design.

BSc Computational Physics.

Michael Snaddon

AI Developer - behavior development, game integration

Having joined us as a junior in early 2017, Michael has developed extremely quickly and has taken on a lead role in developing AI for some of our partner titles.

BSc Physics, CodeClan graduate (coding bootcamp).

Chris Brown

Senior AI Developer - tools, console and mobile platforms, game integration

Previously TD for a mobile games company, Chris has worked on a dozen titles and most major platforms across nearly 20 years of games development experience.  

BSc Computer Science.

Greg Smith

Senior Programmer - generalist, development processes

20 years of experience includes Lead Tools at Rockstar, then Lead Programmer at TT Fusion, then, back to Rockstar as Tools Director.

BSc Electronic Engineering

Sandy MacPherson

Senior AI Systems Programmer - optimisation, tools, feature development

10 years in games programming including 2 years as on tools and console development as a senior programmer at Crytek. Excellent programmer, skilled in low-level optimisation and datastructures.

BSc Computer Science.

Stewart Watson

Junior AI Developer- tools, research

Joined as a summer intern and continued part-time during his masters. Specialises in one of our under-wraps research projects and web-based Inspector tools development.

MSc Computational Physics.

Camden Lohman

Junior AI Tester

Background in IT, trained in games development and testing, and a dedicated gamer.
HND in Games Development, CodeClan graduate (coding bootcamp).