The Team Behind Kythera

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Moon Collider's team draws together a breadth of experience from the games industry and beyond.

Matthew JackMatthew Jack, CEO & Lead Architect

Matthew graduated in Computer Science at Cambridge University and worked in commercial graphics research, before joining Crytek in 2005. He took a lead role in development of their AI system, including work on Crysis and Crysis 2 as a Senior R&D AI Programmer.

In 2010 Matthew founded Moon Collider. Originally a consultancy firm, Moon Collider's clients included Xaviant, Crytek and As a consultant, Matthew worked in places such as London, Nice, San Francisco and Vienna, and helped deliver products to brands such as BMW and Sky. He has written for Games Programming Gems and Game AI Pro, and presented at Google, Develop, the Game/AI Conference and twice at GDC.

In 2012, Matthew had the moment of realization that – instead of developing the same solutions for client after client – the time was right for a brand-new AI middleware. Under his leadership, Moon Collider re-focused away from pure consultancy and began to develop Kythera.

Matthew travels often for work and pleasure. Among his technical interests, he's co-founder of the Runtime Compiled C++ Project, which now forms a core part of Kythera. He's a dedicated runner, cat-keeper and occasional OTT cook. As a gamer, he's most excited by indies with original ideas.

Mike BellMike Bell, Technical Director

Since 2012 Mike has developed core AI technology for Kythera including navigation and tactical positioning. Alongside this, Mike has contracted for several AAA game studios, working with engines including CryENGINE and Unity.

Before moving into AI development, Mike gained ten years experience of developing robust, scalable software for the telecommunications market. Working for major equipment vendor Metaswitch Networks, he worked on high-performance call control systems, using advanced techniques such as lock-free algorithms to manage the demands of a busy phone exchange. A mathematician by training, Mike says he's surprised by how much of his experience is directly applicable to AI.

Mike enjoys working on diverse software projects in his spare time, and has played a role in developing several indie games. With a small team of friends that met at Cambridge University, he brought the 3D strategy game Iridium Empire to the iPhone in 2010. More recently, the same team has been working on a new game for the Raspberry Pi.