Kythera for Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 provides developers with an expansive array of game creation tools. With consistent updates and widespread use across multiple platforms from PCs to games consoles to Android and iOS, Unreal Engine is a formidable asset for any development team – and Kythera AI integration makes it even more powerful.

Beginning with our work on Digital Arrow's submarine shooter Aquanox: Deep Descent, we have implemented Kythera AI for Unreal Engine 4, making our powerful and versatile AI toolset available to UE4 creators.


This integration is designed to be easily accessible to UE4 developers, supporting all the capability of UE4's native AI features while adding its own array of AI tools and providing richer support.

Our character navigation features begin from the same fundamentals as UE4's AI but develop them further, adding a Local Avoidance Layer which bakes moving obstacles into the navmesh in real time, allowing accurate pathfinding through moving crowds. Our Contextual Movement System allows large groups of characters to move in natural, fluid formations through complex terrain.

Kythera also adds a full 3D vehicle navigation system, allowing pathfinding and dynamic avoidance through twisting caverns or unstable asteroid fields. A sophisticated spline tool allows vehicles to follow complex paths under their own power, with configurable instructions that can tell the vehicle to turn to shoot while still following its path, or leave the spline to attack when it detects an enemy.


Our AI features are implemented as components in UE4's Blueprint system, allowing designers to create and edit complex behaviors using intuitive visual scripting. Kythera's own Behavior Tree editor adds scalability, with support for selection trees, multithreading, and finite state machines.

If you're interested in using Kythera in your own project, or if you wish to stay up to date with all our new developments, we want to hear from you.