Kythera AI for Unreal Engine

An advanced suite of 2D and 3D tools for navigation and behaviour

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine provides developers with an expansive array of game creation tools. With frequent updates and widespread use across several platforms, Unreal Engine is a formidable asset for any development team – and the Kythera AI plugin makes it even more powerful.

Kythera AI is the only solution on the market that offers a full, end-to-end AI solution out of the box. It can do everything that Unreal Engine's AI does, at an equal or higher level of quality (generally significantly higher), and has numerous capabilities that Unreal Engine AI lacks.

Our AI features are fully integrated and accessible via Unreal’s Blueprint system, coupled with our own visual tools, enabling designers to create, edit, and debug complex behaviors in an intuitive, straightforward way. Kythera AI communicates and interoperates smoothly with Unreal Engine, making life easy for UE-trained developers if Kythera AI is added to a project in its later stages.

Kythera AI agents can be controlled by either Unreal’s native Behavior Trees (BTs) or Kythera’s own, more versatile BT system: we’ve implemented behavior elements as Unreal BT Tasks that you can add to your existing scripts, or you can use Unreal Blueprints to define nodes that you can then use in Kythera’s BT Editor.

Kythera AI for Unreal comes with a comprehensive collection of fully documented demo levels providing real use cases for Kythera AI, demonstrating behaviors authored with both systems, as well as ground, flight, and surface navigation, automatic markup, powerful spatial queries, and different AI characters who use all these features to think, strategize, and outwit each other.

Kythera's Features for UE5 include:

  • Ground Navigation

    • Dynamic, multithreaded navmesh generation
    • Navmesh pruning
    • Moving navmeshes
    • Advanced obstacle avoidance
    • Multihreaded pathfinding
    • Area costs
    • Flocking
    • Rigid formations
    • Navmesh clamping
    • Designer navigation links
  • Automatic Mark-up

    • Automatic, dynamic cover mark-up
    • Automatic, dynamic navigation link mark-up
  • Flight Navigation

    • Dynamic, multithreaded octree generation
    • Pruning
    • Avoidance
    • Formations
    • Designer spline path tool
  • Surface Navigation

    • (Early evaluations from Q4 2023)
  • Fully integrated with:

    • Unreal BT system
    • Unreal EQS system
    • Unreal Perception system

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