Aquanox: Deep Descent

Aquanox Deep Descent is drenched in atmosphere and backstory: navigate dark and eerie routes through fallen cities, discover vast caverns bathed in dystopian palettes and bursts of colour from ocean plants, wrecks, nano plankton and the fireworks from head-to-head combat. Digital Arrow has created a dangerous world where relationships between powerful factions are balanced on a knife edge. This tension is felt in the excellently voiced dialogue, but more importantly, throughout the game's core combat loop - a rare feat to achieve.

Plunge into the AI of Aquanox Deep Descent

A behind the scenes deep dive into the AI powering Digital Arrow and THQ Nordic's post-apocalyptic underwater FPS.

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Deep Descent dive into 3D navigation in Unreal Engine

How Flight Navigation was applied to deep sea vehicles in our flagship Unreal Engine title.

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Discover Aquanox Deep Descent

There are many more exciting AI features in Aquanox Deep Descent which we will share in future posts and interviews. It’s been an exciting journey working with everyone at THQ Nordic and Digital Arrow to create a unique gaming experience. We look forward to building more games with them.

Experience the atmosphere, story and AI-driven gameplay for yourself. Aquanox Deep Descent is now available on Steam, and features a gripping single-player and 4 player co-op campaign as well as online deathmatch.

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