Kythera AI for O3DE

Advanced AI on the Open 3D Engine
In-game capture from the Open 3D Engine showing a spacecraft in the foreground, with a hi-tech city in the background. The Open 3D Engine Logo and Kythera AI Logo feature prominently.

Open 3D Engine (O3DE) is a new open-source game engine produced by the Open 3D Foundation, a consortium of names from the game and tech industries including ourselves, Amazon, the Linux Foundation, Popcorn FX, WWISE, Niantic, Wargaming, Carbonated and Apocalypse Studios. As a founding member of the Foundation, we’ve provided the AI for the new engine as the Kythera AI Gem. You can read about the O3DE story here.

Kythera AI provides a flexible, scalable framework that integrates the whole range of AI features where other products offer just one or two. This includes 2D and 3D navigation, automatic markup generation, spatial queries, formations, crowd movement, behavior tree authoring, and rich debugging tools. The toolset uses a fully componentized architecture for flexible agent capabilities and clean extensibility and is built for performance: asynchronous, multi-threaded, data-orientated, and highly scalable.


Our tutorials and reference guide are included in the O3DE documentation. The Gem also comes with our demo level ‘Kythera City’ with practical examples of our AI in action.


The Kythera Al Gem is available under the terms of our Community Licence. It is free for non-commercial use or for a 60-day trial period, while also allowing commercial use based on a royalty, with a buyout option.

Download Kythera AI for O3DE