Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a licensee, you can find answers to your technical questions by heading to the Knowledge Base or Documentation in your customer portal, or by reaching out to our support team.

Is Kythera AI suitable for AA - AAA studios?

Absolutely! Kythera AI is a premium solution designed for the demands of AAA game development.

Is it available for Indie developers and hobbiests.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a solution available to individuals or smaller indie teams, but we're working on it. We hope to be introducing this soon, so we encourage you to follow us on Twitter or Linkedin for updates about the latest features and developments with Kythera AI.

Is your solution only suitable for game development?

While our solutions were built with game development in mind, all of our products are also suitable for simulations or any other project you’re making in a compatible engine.

What is the cost to use Kythera AI in my game?

Our middleware is a premium product offered through a variety of licence models made to fit your usage, budget, and business model. The costs vary based on product and licence type, and the number of seats required. You can find out more about our licencing options here, or reach out to us to book a discovery call to see if Kythera AI is right for your studio.

Do I need an AI developer on my team?

Kythera AI brings advanced and powerful AI to your game or simulation without the need for a dedicated AI development team. However, if your studio does want greater control and creative freedom, our solutions are designer friendly and highly configurable.

Can Kythera AI be used in a game that is already in development?

Absolutely. Our AI features are fully integrated into major game engines, making life easy for developers even if Kythera AI is added to a project in its later stages.

For more info, read how our partners Entrada Interactive successfully integrated Kythera AI into their award winning game, Miscreated, when developement was already underway.

Can I evaluate the product to see if it’s right for my game?

All studios are offered a free evaluation of our entire suit of tools. During your evaluation period, our team will work closely with you to provide training and support, and ensure your goals are met.

If your studios would like to evaluate Kythera AI, get in touch. 

Which platforms can Kythera AI be deployed on?

Kythera AI is compatible with all major platforms. We also work closely with our clients throughout the development of their games so we can make sure any additional needs are met for a smooth multi-platform release.

Kythera AI has been successfully used in games that were deployed on Xbox, Playstation, PC, Linux, OS X, Android, and iOS.

Do you offer support during the game development process?

Yes! We have various support options so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. You can find out more here. 

We also offer development services, so we can accommodate your project if you would like to de-risk a whole branch of development by getting our expert AI team to develop it for you.

Reach out if you’d like to know more.