Who We Are

Kythera AI is an energetic, ambitious company, focused on developing our exciting product and leading the way in the field of game AI. We're a passionate team of AI engineeers and games industry experts who are constantly pushing the boundaries of our technology.

We provide the industry’s most sophisticated solution for video game AI, enabling studios to deliver unique and compelling experiences to players.

Kythera AI Team at a bustling industry event

Kythera AI was created to redefine what's possible in game development.

We believe the only limits in game development are the tools available to designers. We want to push those limits and enable developers to realize their innovative ideas in hours, rather than months or years. What’s more, once designers have the best tools, we believe whole new experiences will become possible for players.

Game art featuring a cyberpunk cityscape

Kythera AI was started as a consultancy providing AI development to the Games Industry, contracting for clients like Xaviant, Crytek, and AiGameDev.

The success we helped our clients achieve led to the realisation of the need for a complete and reusable AI toolset for games. We then shifted away from consulting in 2018, focusing on what would become the Kythera AI toolset.

Since then, we’ve grown to a team of AI specialists and developers who’ve brought the highly complex Kythera AI Toolset to maturity while growing our product offering.

Game Art spaceship lifting off

Our technology is the result of over a decade of continuous development and improvement, providing you with the most advanced, out of the box AI. We pride ourselves on going beyond expectations in working with our licensees.

We have our roots in AAA games development – and have applied AAA production values to our ground-breaking AI middleware ever since.

A collage of images of the games Kythera AI have worked on.

Whatever your vision for AI, we can make it a reality.

We’re a complete AI solution designed for games, but applicable to any industry. Our team works closely with a number of international partners, which have included high-profile names covering the whole range from AAA to indie.

We're continuing to push forward the bounds of what is possible with AI in games. Want to learn more about what we can do for your studio?

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