Flight Navigation

AI that understands its environment for dense, dynamic worlds.

Whether your game is set among the stars, or in the depths of the ocean, our Flight Navigation tool allows creatures and vehicles to confidently fly and fight in open, three-dimensional environments.

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Advanced octree navigation

Kythera’s cutting edge navigation tools allow AI vehicles to fly and fight confidently in three-dimensional space. Capable of regenerating at runtime, our solution empowers you to create dynamic worlds that respond to changes, for deeper and more immersive gameplay. It enables agents to move skillfully through complex environments and around dynamic obstacles whilst maintaining responsive flight and combat formations. Kythera’s highly configurable tools are equally at home guiding any type of agent - from spaceships to submarines, to dragons!

Development image: Aquanox Deep Descent published by THQNordic

Octree generation

Kythera AI's Flight Navigation pathfinding system searches through the Octree to find suitable paths. Our Octree is built into the Unreal Engine editor and updates automatically when the level is modified. The Octree can be automatically updated using the Kythera AI custom blueprint nodes.


Lightning-fast, asynchronous pathfinding ensures that our AI can confidently navigate complex environments. It provides full three-dimensional navigation in open spaces as well as around and within complex structures. The AI can pathfind rapidly through the octree - and when the world changes around your agents, so will their paths.


Flight Navigation comes with full collision avoidance, so studios can create dense environments and scenes without agents intersecting each other. Advanced steering based on RVOs allows agents to smoothly avoid up to hundreds of other moving objects at once.


Kythera flight formations allow groups of flying AI to move together in a fixed three-dimensional structure, following paths and seamlessly avoiding obstacles as a team. Each agent moves under its own power, keeping its position in the formation using its own movement abilities. Using behavior trees, formations can be changed or disbanded mid-flight, and respond intelligently to changes or loss of agents within the team.

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