Star Citizen: The Development View

You’ll feel the guiding hand of Kythera AI throughout Star Citizen, in both the single-player and persistent-universe versions of the game. Based in Manchester in England, Cloud Imperium (formerly Foundry 42) is the studio at the vanguard of Star Citizen’s single-player campaign – and on this page, you can hear designers and developers at Foundry 42 discuss their personal experiences with Kythera AI.

From day one of its record-breaking crowdfunder, Star Citizen has promised to immerse its players in an authentic, high-fidelity world. Ben Sharples from Foundry 42 explains why the AI is central to that demanding development goal, and describes how Kythera AI helps achieve unparalleled levels of realism within realistic production timeframes.

In a fully-realized universe, even flying across space is a complex proposition, with asteroid fields to cross and competing spacecraft to avoid. Designer Jon Dadley outlines the challenges of navigating Star Citizen’s territory, and describes how he’s delegating an array of complex tasks to Kythera AI.

For the development team building Star Citizen, development efficiency is a crucial step towards realizing the full breadth of Chris Roberts’ vision. Lead gameplay programmer Rob Johnson discusses Kythera AI’s real-time debugging, and explains why some of the most important parts of the product are the ones players might never see.