See how our AI Middleware can benefit your game, whatever the genre.


Give your game the tactical depth it deserves.

Whether you're creating an intense squad-based game focused on realism and teamwork, or a battle royale with fast-paced combat and dynamic environments, Kythera AI has the tools you need to provide for challenging and immersive AI that is sure to engage your players.

With our Automatic Markup for Cover and Navigation, you can have NPCs that truly understand the world around them and react to changes in the environment. A fallen tree becomes an obstacle to vault over, or a point for cover. This tool allows for more dynamic worlds, and saves the hours of manual markup required by a level designer.

"Great AI is crucial for us... Kythera AI is the perfect solution." John Sonedecker, Founder and Creative Director, BlackFoot Studios

Our Spatial Query System adds intelligent decision-making. Enemies will challenge your players by flanking, choosing the appropriate point for cover, mounting overwatch and more.

Use Kythera AI in your FPS


Advanced AI that meets the demands of modern RPGs.

Our AI toolset is perfectly suited to bring your RPG to life - whether it's a hack-n-slash ARPG, or an adventure RPG filled with exploration and puzzles.

With our Dynamic 2D NavMesh, you can fully realise your creative vision. Our NavMesh can effectively handle procedural generation of dungeons and worlds, as well as dynamic changes in the environment such as rocks collapsing and blocking a path.

Through Contextual Steering systems, you can create hordes of enemies that chase after the player and move in a natural way - flowing around objects like water around a rock. This feature is a great way to create large packs of zombies, aliens, or other suitably evil creatures to chase after your player.

“Kythera AI provides excellent ability in creating the immersive experience that gamers expect.” Denis Dyack, CEO of Apocalypse Studios

Our Surface Navigation lets you create unique enemies and characters that can navigate complex, 3D surfaces. Perhaps it's an alien climbing up the walls, or a creature that lives in the depths of a cave and drops on the player from the ceiling.

Use Kythera AI in your RPG


Fully dynamic AI that understands vast environments at runtime.

Kythera AI is not restricted to 2D environments, and using our AI middleware you can bring dynamic and performant tools to your game set among the stars of a distant galaxy, or thousands of feet below the waves in the depths of the ocean.

We have a Dynamic, 3D Octree that voxelizes vast environments at runtime to create navigable areas for NPCs and players moving in a 3D environment. With this tool, you can ensure your NPCs competently travel through asteroid fields, space ports, underwater caverns and more.

Your player won't be alone in these environments, and through our 3D Formations you can simulate squad behaviour for formations of fighters, aliens, sea creatures and more. These squads run full avoidance and can dynamically break apart and reform.

Use Kythera AI in your Flight Game