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Available across Unreal Engine, Open 3D Engine, Unity and custom engines, our AI middleware brings advanced and powerful AI to your game or simulation without the need for a dedicated development team.

Kythera AI is an advanced AI toolset that provides the tools you need to create intelligent, convincing AI for 3D game engines. Our unique offering saves you time and money by providing an advanced AI toolset that allows for engaging, immersive environments.

CityLife is dedicated to moving beyond great tools for building AI from the ground up, to instead populating worlds with humans and animals largely automatically, showing a rich set of interactions and individual motivations.

A very basic village is shown, using plain assets. Debug draw is enabled, showing the Kythera AI NavMesh.

Licencing & Support

Whether you are the AI lead for a major studio using our middleware to help develop your next AAA chart-topping hit, or a student using our tools as part of your project work - we have a product licence that can fit the needs of you and your team.

You may also consider seeking our assistance to help keep your project on track - and we have a range of support options available to you.

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Two members of the Kythera AI team chat to an attendee at a games industry event